Super ENDERMAN Imposter Role in Among us

Avaldati 11 märts 2021
We add a MINECRAFT Impostor Role in Among Us!
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  • how about a sick mode where there the imposter spreeds a virus and other crewmates have to help by click or touch them

  • Please play roblox them park tycoon

  • I'm a very big fan

  • HA HA HA

  • friday night funken

  • you should make a fish one, a cat one, a turle one, and a dog one.

  • Ender dragon role would be cool or the wither, the ender dragon could shoot his fire balls and the wither could do his head things. The dragon could trap people in the end and the wither could do the nether.

  • Ssundee be like ''The crew mate can turn into a skeleton creeper and ender man and has different abilities.''


  • he said "crewmate's can change into a creeper,enderman,and skelaton

  • Among us 🍬🧁🍡🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Ghcfyccrt y d. Xd rxxd r rcdtcdrdrctfc cf. for crd y cdtycrd r duct rc


  • You said crewmate can be a enderman do u mean imposter can do that

  • best, mod EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • ummmmmm FOOT!!!!!!!!

  • You said cremate can be mobs LOL LOL

  • You see a grown man saying mommy and singing I play Pokémon go

  • Demon it can make people see only black and is with the imposter

  • Imagine Mojang likes my comment

  • 0:42 he said the crewmate can turn into a creeper skeleton enderman

  • the voice of ghost after crewmate dies is so funny

  • Ssundee you are a little dumb your knew it was biffle and you made everyone skip

  • i didn't like your video but it didn't not turn into blue

  • Black

  • The Enderman is kinda Cute

  • Did he say crewmate not imposter

  • I love your videos!!! 😀😀😀

  • Lol

  • I hit the like button and its black

  • He always say “stick around for me to be the imposter”

    • Ssssssssssfbhgf dry he got he even hyfcvvbhgccçccc gghutfc I xvbydwazxdftghujijhvrssaqzsxdfvgbnu jmj gvfxxcvbhytrewqawrtyuoppooklkk in jhgfds😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😏😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😏😏😏😏🏯🏯

  • Has anyone noticed when Sundee is imposter he is singing

  • I’m I a mincraft enderman because you won’t look at me (me -> 🤓

  • Y’a yyet

  • SSundee:I’m the crewmate a few second later... the CREWMATE can turn into a enderman me:visual confusion

  • Here’s an idea goku mod the impostor is a super sayan

  • I have some thing scary for you i didn’t subscribe

  • I hate this EEcloner I just like da ender man

  • The dude that came out was orange I think

  • I klick the like button and its turn to black not blue!

  • The warfare mod you have 5 minutes to get your tasks done to get better weapons and then the person with the better gun wins and no imposters

  • It’s not blue bro it’s white

  • make ursula mode


  • Why why is there no zombie

  • Why is the creeper faster than the crewmates? That's not fair

  • ?????

  • Cast

  • um... the crewmate can turn into the mobs? 0:45

  • The like button turn white

  • Make the Fortnite mod

  • I DO

  • I love you Dundee

  • Make an ender dragon mod

  • Try 1 of asking for Fnaf among us mod

  • Rosemarie

  • M

  • A zombie

  • Superhero mod

  • I love you Sundee you make me happy

  • In the intro wth did he say crewmates have task but then said BUT THECREWMATE HAS ENDERMAN SKELOTON AND CREEPER :D but im like... What...?

  • When he says hit that like button if u think garrys the imposter even tho he is :me looks at the like count danm yall fall for that

  • Ssundee:the filla bustering worked Ssundee’s arm:IM DONE WITH THIS 13:20

  • Maybe you should so a medusa mod she can turn people to stone mind control and turn invisible

  • Bot mod : (We all know sigils and biffle are a bot so perfect mod for them ) So this role is basically for a bot as this is completely useless You can kill people with the kill button (no effect on gameplay as this already in among us , like I said perfect for a bot ) Leap to emergency meeting button And run superfast for 2 seconds (Imposter role )

  • Gg

  • sundee diz the enderman tahs your bat wen hy piks you op////////////////////.

  • Lol 0:42

  • spider-man

  • My like button is white


  • There is only one problem MY LIKE BUTTON TURNS WHITE

  • The like button turned wight for me

  • When people is about to get killed **casually runs in circles**

  • I have an idea and that is: The imposters can turn into a bald eagle. They can fly, garb people, and eat them. The eagle can also scream and everyone will be blind and they can't move Please like it so Ssundee can see

  • 121 pounds in 9

  • He commit ninja attack he busted thru the floor from the vents in the floor and he then grabbed somebody and jumped down and then he ran away

  • They need hats

  • Lol

  • Bendy and the ink machine mod

  • He said crewmate instead of impostor xD

  • why not a zombie

  • 0:40 “crewmates can turn in to a creeper,skeleton,or a enderman” crewmates can do what an imposter does?

  • Bruh

  • I think some people will agree with me on this but poor Garry, he didn’t know what was what that round. Edit: Garry is one of the funnier people on this channel to be honest.

  • AAAaaaaaaaaaaaa I am a Steve I must find the diamond and build a house wow wow wow wow I am building a house Wow wow wow I found the diamond Y E S Yay I found a diamond and built the house (Crapper) uauauauaua I'm the crapper I blow up your house and the diamond (Steve) oh no (Crapper) explosion sounds and pixelated explosions boom (Steve) Oh no me house and Diamond I am dead (crapper) haha yes plot twist it's a me S a n t i a g o

  • At ruond one I geused it was biffle before i wached it because garry was outside security


  • ...

  • dinosaur role

  • Mine craft + among us = among craft 😂😂

  • My button turned white

  • One crewmate against 9 imp but you can't call emergency meeting or report

    • I’m gonna put this in the nicest way possible, that’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard

  • U said the crewmate can turn into the stuff

  • King

  • Damn I start love this guy (no homo)

  • how come every 2nd round he always the imposter?

  • S pdld000001

  • I want this mod where can you find it

  • Wolf