Avaldati 23 märts 2021
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Today we play It Takes Two with Josef Fares!
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  • play victor its amazing

  • As of right now the like button is at 123k.

  • Is it on switch?

  • honestly, i like it, but also not like the game because of the gore and adventurous feelings

  • well i allready know everything 'bout this game cuz i watched special edd (Eddie VR) when he was playing the game w/his gf

  • Hi

  • Ah yes the man who ruined PvZ

  • You need to watch Dunkey and Leah's stream.

  • This game is so fun I play it 24/7. BTW you can't play one player you need to play with 2 people

  • 8:46 “Now you have a hammer to play with” Lmao😂

  • Me waiting for him to say nintendo but it never came

  • 122k likes lol

  • sigibigi

  • I see your are on ps4 Ps4 for life bois

  • When will this be speedran by someone?

  • Im playing this its so amazing even my dad likes it lol

  • Sundee: poor bees Me: those are fricking wasps they are mean they are not bees

  • I'm also playing with EA sports I got the game like two weeks ago it takes two and like before I even watch this already know how to play it but it's pretty dope I love it


  • I played the friends pass on Xbox it is so much fun

  • Sigils is going to be such a foot

  • I played a few days ago with my brother but not the full game

  • The creator has the same name as me "joseph" or its spelled differently

  • Sup ean!

  • 0:06

  • I was just playing this

  • It takes too it’s so fun my brother got it for Easter and I got to play with him are usually play May but still that doesn’t mean anything I like being May actually

  • The game is soooooo good

  • Something I find funny is that people actually think EA are the ones who made this game, all they did was publish it, publishing a game and making a game are 2 completely different things

  • You realize you can stick a nail in there, it is the earth, the two long sides are where you get electrocuted

  • This game is epik!

  • I’m addicted at it takes two as well

  • Josife looks like pewdipie

  • So sundees name is ian

  • Is it free on Xbox

  • I think its A good game, but it is basically unravel but 3D and they are people.

  • ItTakesTwo IS a fun game but it is not on Switch.

  • ea sponsered ssundee hmmmm

  • I wish i could play that :(

  • When is the next episode?

  • EA sports

  • This kinda gives me a vibe of a podcast because he is taking ssundee step by step and detail to detail through everything

  • It takes two is so funny

  • The complex afternoon climatologically paint because rise reilly bare along a entertaining airship. well-to-do, sore session

  • Lol this is the first game I have ever downloaded before even watching the end of the vid

  • Oh wait that's the one in the trailer lmao i will play it cause u played it okay 😎😎🥺 (i don't have money :(. )

  • I thought it was free when i downloaded it then it it it it Fawk

  • Yousef is my name

  • I nearly finished this

  • The bite-sized caption regrettably untidy because bait probably fire around a hurried sock. cultured, sincere staircase

  • why ssundee was good at the wire part: among us wire task

  • whats up with all the new two player games?

  • can you play subnautika

  • When u’ve already seen it in banderitax channel but watch again bcuz it’s ssundee

  • EA What a shame If you dont get that refrence you be trash

  • "playing with the lead dev joseph" my brain: CEEEEEAAAAZZZZAAAAAAAARRRR because jjba

  • TBH this game looks really good I definitely want to play it

  • bees ar better tay have a home and a QEEN

  • Does anyone wanna play with me?

  • Hey ssundee can a Xbox player play with a PS4

  • the controls weirdly remind me of super mario odyssey

  • He looks like the a way out character bruhhh im in shock 😂❤️❤️ love u ian

  • So you know if it takes two is ever coming out on the Nintendo switch?great video

  • I just got this on Friday and it is amazing

  • Ssundee I’m addicted to this game 90% of his content amongus

  • No ssyndee don't go to the dark side

  • Play knockout city

  • The moving mechanics and animations remind me of assassins creed

  • Finally

  • Craner

  • Ahhhhh cramer

  • I mean cramer

  • Where did cramer and karan go

  • Do you know banana Joe

  • MORE

  • Pay 24.99 to unlock the rest of this video

  • I love EA!!!!!!!!!!!!!''!!!!!!!!!!

  • i got on ps4

  • pls help me to play

  • make more

  • Xbox

  • Anyone want Ssundee to play Little Nighters

  • He sounds like Dan tdm

  • step 1 fiend friends

  • Foot takes a foot

  • me and my brother have been playing this

  • Foot

  • EA AKA enourmous (blank)

  • Can u play this game with Biffle or someone plz?

  • Wait didn't he get a surgery a day ago ..

  • Me and my dad play it we are both obsessed with it we play it on the ps5 it does have cussing but we love it 😀 *on my moms yt account*

  • Joseph sounds like dantdm

  • Joseph accent tho

  • That boss fight gives me splatoon vibes

  • What about switch

  • Did he make a way out?

  • First like video in a long time lol


  • A 20 minute video, WHAT?

  • 118k like the dud