*NEW* Season 6 Rock PAPER Scissors in Fortnite

Avaldati 16 märts 2021
We use the NEW crafting mechanics to use the Primal bow's, exotic shotguns and more in Rock Paper Scissors Fortnite Battle Royale!
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  • Pls do more fortnite ur my fav fortnite EEcloner

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  • Do more itisso good and og

  • Do a new video please of fortnight please

  • Fortnite is dead lol

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  • Can you please friend me my name is eggs and yolk

  • Good


  • Sunder u should have gotten the blue makeshift cause then u craft into purple pump

  • plz do another with exotic

  • I thought he stopped uploading

  • SSundee you living in ZDA or slo

  • I play this seoson it's amazing

  • what hurt was him using a primal pistol :( that hurt every comp player here

  • W

  • The fact that SSundee wins every time

  • I was about say he is blind like there is a mythic primal infront of you you FOOT!!!!!

  • This season so ococllll

  • Is it just me or every time I get on youtube I search ssundee

  • I want him to bring back spoons

  • More fortnite

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  • I love your videos and also my name in fortnight is kingkong1005

  • cool cool

  • If you need a combo I recommend to get smoke grenades grapper shockwave grenade pump shotyy thermal scoped assaltrifle

  • does ssundee not know the spire boots ?

  • Only OGs Will remember Rock Paper Scissors

    • ninja vs lazer

  • Bring that to the center of the spire be gone long one of the llama things

  • Me: yes first rare of the game other EEcloners: why I only got a primal shotgun

  • hi @ssundee i made a race map wanna play it its a 1v1 race map XD epic zwalkend_aftrap

  • SSundee can you make more fortnite battle royal pls my friend is a really big fan please can you do that for him

  • Ya ssundee always uses shockwave grenade!!

  • Finally a fortnite video

  • Ssundee didn’t realize that he took mechanical parts also

  • Ssundee plz play more fortnite 90% of your subs

  • Ssundee if you kill the guardian at the smaller towers and bring the ball to the spire small circle at the spire you get a mythic spire jump boots

  • Sigls sounds like ninja


  • Wonder what will happen if they made ssundee vs with his friends but with gry weapons

  • 8:32 he took the mechanical parts

  • Yes the ball it’s from the Spiros Austin guard and then you go to the spire and put into that hole and then he get boots Oh and don’t forget you can turn them into boots you can jump once it’s a regular jump tow it’s a double jump or like you placed a bouncer of under yourself Three if you jump it’s like the bouncer under your self but you can glide

  • When ssundee said can we get 150k likes in one day and it was 256k in 6 hours

  • season 6 is foot like you

  • did someone realize that he took mechanical parts and stink sac sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

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  • America be like 0:24

  • I dunno why biffle gave sigils a purple primal shotty. It's op.

  • Finally doesn't use a shokewave

  • we all missed thw old days

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  • I am on season 6 on P.S.4. and I just want to say that the flame bow is O.P. also Biffle is a foot

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  • I want playground mode back


  • In your next video can you give me a shout out

  • I’m with you

  • Yup

  • To all the people saying your OG because you remember his first video with this concept I would like to tell you that with how old ssundee's channel is that is NOT OG. OG is before fortnite. OG is Trollcraft, 100 ways to die(the series not that 1 off video he did recently), Pokemon, Gertrude, and Stardew Vally. Or if you want to go really OG then team crafted

  • Hi

  • Anyone else saw him pick up the mechanical parts 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Come on you suck ssunnddee you cowered come 1v1 me


  • Do a four night mod

  • 13:55 It’s Ian vs Sigils! I thought they meant sigils was the bot Ian was fighting.

  • In one of ur video u need to say hit that little bell

  • I if you didn’t take the mechanical parts and gave it to birdie he would have got a purple pump if he crafted it with 4 car parts 👍

  • Only ogs remember when they did muder mystery

  • Me: Realises that they used 3 lives Ssundee and his freinds: forgets about it

  • Sills

  • It’s for mithic boots it’s like a bounce pad

  • You are the best

  • How do u use t for edit?

  • You can get a mythic

  • your the best youtuber ever your nice, your funny, you are mean to sigils, and nicos a sweat

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  • Rock paper scissors but does paper when he says scissors why does SSundee do this

  • I cut the like button

  • Foot

  • Me:OMG the mythic primal shotgun is there!!!! Ssundee:I am going to take a normal primal shotgun Me:Oh my gosh how did he not realize that!!!!!

  • Yay fortnite vid!

  • the ball is used for ward sho folow the layn to get it

  • who would die to play with sundee i would

  • The primels sycks

  • Ssundee I am your biggest fan

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