Avaldati 14 märts 2021
Today we use the most OP impostor MOD vs SUPER MEDIC mod in Among us!
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Mod Maker: @LoafX
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No Kill Cooldown:
MAX Difficulty:
Medic Mod:
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  • me:ima go do a funny thing about the dictionary THE DEFINITION OF BROKEN: THE MEDIC MOD

  • -##

  • ko

  • Kpko

  • ?

  • m

  • nowadays

  • bro you can airstrike the meeting table report or call an emergency meeting and the air strike would kill the crewmates.JUST SAYING

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  • Love this stuff man

  • But didn't purple kill loaf?

  • impoosta :D

  • Can I play with your games


  • Impostor Mod Idea: Spiderman: Can shoot webs and cocoon people Can sling across the map Can use Spidey-sense and see where people are on the map Can shoot webs and blind people Second Impostor Mod Idea: The Hulk: Can grab people Can leap around the map (with a crew mate in hands) Can smash the ground and kill and stun people Like so Ssundee can see

  • But on watch itS turn withe

  • Watch this on Biffle's channel. See his face the moment SSundee begins to clap, it's priceless.

  • SSundee was sso BIG BRAIN in SuperMedic

  • Be be by by bo bo be be by by bo de de de de by by by by bo

  • Mod request: alien imposter and the crew mates are soldiers

  • Mully

  • With mullet Eddie and josh dub

  • The boys

  • i love your vidz keep it up ok

  • Nico is sooooooooooòooooooo dogwater

  • Idea: slender impostor role

  • Did someone realise that the code at bottom says loafxy

  • Pls

  • Ан

  • For me it’s white ??

  • i like your vids

  • Make aSuper zombie

  • Can’t can’t like the video because I never played modded among us

  • Dang it my like button turned white. IT WAS DISEASED!

  • Super medic is supes op

  • 10:00

  • Foooooot

  • How can you download these mods?

  • In my screen the like button never turn blue it just gets filled with white if i click it

  • What??????????

  • 0 iq moment 0:36

  • I think if you say “who’s the super imposter? who’s the super imposter?” they won’t say “I am the super imposter”

  • Knickers in my class 1N

  • OMGGGG lol my code was loadxy 😂😂😂😁

  • Helooo

  • Can you make a for tape mode

  • W

  • What app do you use to talk while in the game? does anyone know? Is it twitch?

  • why did my turn gray?

  • 1 Qustion how do you feed your family with just a like?

  • Was so funny

  • the jock at begining

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • The best PLAY ever

  • Imagine super imposter is za hando and the super medic is crazy diamond lol

  • Ssunde : knows who’s the impostor Me: JUST CALL A MEATING

  • Ssundee, like Jonathan Davis said you've fallen from grace

  • I have an idea and that is: The imposters can turn into a bald eagle. They can fly, garb people, and eat them. The eagle can also scream and everyone will be blind and they can't move Please like it so Ssundee can see

  • I love you babe videos so much Sandy you’re the best It’s so good like so good or I like your monkey asking I like your Among Us mods it really cool

  • 14:00 omg my favorite part of the movie :D

  • But the like button turned white

  • Hahahah gg no ree

  • I always love when ian say Let me paint you a picture

  • Hacks

  • :O 4K DISLIKES !? :(

  • Suede a mod a can you can penwayes please please

  • More among us mod pls ssundee pls

  • Sigils at the start of the first round, "Who is the super daddy?".

  • My partners did everything for me

  • nice

  • Ummm my like button is ummm it’s black does that mean i lied and I never won as super imposter 😢😢

  • Nicevideo

  • I think king Kong he sees if your the imposter and saves the crewmate

  • Soo who won?

  • Do a super imp and troll vs juggernaut

  • You have to get

  • Its biffle

  • Yeah I won imposter in only 1 round. What

  • I hate ssundee he supports Israel

  • Make the indorapter

  • Umm so my like button turned black

  • My like button in black

  • When I like it’s now blue it’s black

  • When u realized LoafX Made the mod

  • Fun fact: Flico always dies first

  • For some reason this reminds me of death note especially when he killed Sigils

  • You can fly omggg

  • make a frog role. the imposter can transform into a frog and he can lick which stuns people from a 5 block radius and a camo button which turns u invisible and a poison button that as frog or imposter can go up to a crewmate and poison them and they dont know. and eat fly button that they swallow a crewmate and no report. and toungue they slash a toungue at a crewmate and they die with there body and u can report

  • 14:00 everyone is smiling "Boys let me paint u a picture* Biffle "I hate this part

  • Love you r vids

  • 2 wins!😎😃😊😌

  • What would you pick super imposter or super medic I wold chose super medic

  • 3:20 that ah oh😂

  • biffle's last words: skip vote!

  • Dude this is crazy

  • Do

  • yes Foot

  • It’s white now LOL

  • When you say the like button turns blue mines is black

  • Awesome