Avaldati 8 märts 2021
We added a NEW Impostor PIRATE Role in Modded Among Us
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  • 7:02 9:31

  • I know biffle was the imposter because biffle said o my god before the meeting

  • 0:01 made me laugh soo hard LOL

  • Wow I bet those bottles of feet really tasted good

  • 0:47 SSundee: There is a pirate he can shoot a cannon (cannon shoots) Me: WHAT!?

  • You need to try this mod to the airship!!!✈✈✈

  • What about the devil fruit ability

  • there once was a ship that put to see and the name of the ship was a both of tea

  • Ssundee: biffle Biffle: ha 🤣🤣🤣

  • 12:40 He sounded weirdly like sr pelo (please don’t yell at me)

  • Can you please stop saying “oh my g*o*d?

  • Idk what I'm doing here

  • I have a toxic idea, You should've normal kill a person, then shoot a cannon at meeting and exact report the body you killed

  • ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss............................................

  • snow mode is for imposter have abilitys they can throw the largest snow kill the other is crewmate will get squish by a snow ball the last ability is is a big hill for the snow bill to roll down to the hill and crush by the snow ball

  • The code:SSUNDEE The youtuber channle name:SSundee

  • I know its Henwy Because She have a pirate Hat😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Biffle voted himself like the whole time

  • do you only play with them.

  • 7:56

  • The like button turns white

  • Henwe Should be the imposter because he has a pirate house

  • A.M.O.N.G. U.S

  • 0:48 how does he keep doing that

  • Zeus!

  • It liked that when he said shiver my boo die it was funny

  • Did anybody notice the code is SUNDEE???

  • Love the intro music use it more often

  • Please can i come in to your game my name is KING my colour is lime green

  • New impostor role idea: Rickroller Sabotage: All sabotaging is normal besides communications. When the Rickroller sabotages communications, instead of the crewmates seeing tasks, they see lyrics to Rick Astley songs. Killing: The killing remains the same as how a normal impostor should be. Rickroll: You can select any task and if any crewmates try to do that task for the first time, Rick Astley appears on their screen and he shouts his songs in their faces and the volume of which he 'sings' propels you into the air and launches you to a random location on the map. Transformation: Transform into Mega Rickroller and equip a custom face mask with Rick Astley on it which disguises your identity and your character's skin colour turns into Rick Astley's skin colour. Also, there's a brown leather jacket that covers the character's body. Dance: While in Mega Rickroller mode, dance like Rick Astley and trample people causing them to die. Sonic Boom: While in Mega Rickroller mode, earrape all crewmates by screaming "Never Gonna Give You Up" and the soundwaves travel faster than the speed of sound, causing Sonic booms. The Sonic booms and the volume combined stun the crewmates for 15 seconds. Like so Ssundee can see _Also, if you hit the like button, it will be_ *FiLlEd* ⬇️

  • "Sigils Did you see that happen!?" How would you know sigils was with henwy if you weren't imposter,because of the pirate mods abbility

  • Me:Hey maybe you should just play a normal Among us game. EVERYONE ELSE: Naaa thats stupid

  • I tiny it is the best kind of funny it just make u want to laugh fo the rest of yo life!

  • I haven't been able to play among us since the new quick chat update as it doesn't work so I haven't played the airship map even in free play :(

  • did you know that blind means you can’t see. Deaf means you can’t hear

  • You dummy ssundee wwundee

  • Yu dummy

  • Its ahoy me matey



  • I just in joy watching ssundee. Like if you do the same

  • Oh no it's red beards twin brother: Blue beard

  • the foot song LOL

  • Ye be needn’ to learn your pirate laddie

  • That's One Ugly Butt Pirate, i literally cannot UNSEE!

  • mod idea: maybe something with ghosts and a ghostship

  • You should do a teacher role because biffle did and he didn’t invite you he is a FOOT

  • What about helloiam8k

  • You have 2 feet

  • Every mod video ssundee be like this is the best mod ever which I get but ye

  • 9 imposter 1 cromate

  • Would it not be nice if we had arms

  • 13:07

  • I clicked the like button blue beard

  • Do darth Ader

  • 6:53 - 7:01 Omg I luvvv that songgg ma new favvvv

  • Can you do a epic story mode

  • mod idea:the 9 in one they can turn big they can smach on pepole can go invisible to mind control anyone that is the closest to the imposter they can make some walk the plank kiss some one put a love spell on can make some one turn into a baby turn into a frog and have 10 times speed and turn in to a ninja or a troll 1 crew mate is the spy she can turn invisible and see cams from any where and see dead bodys

  • Kavish sheriff mod it ca shoot imposters

  • Good

  • I know

  • Idea mod:fnaf but you have to destroy the animatronics if not game ove animatronics?:freddy toy freddy Bonnie toy bonnie chica toy chica. Foxy mangle one more idea mod:hunter animals where two hunters try to kill all the animals before they respond how many time they respond:1 min hope you will do it

  • Did he practice to say things like a pirate?

  • what about a ghost mod in among us where the impostor can put on a cloak and turn into a ghost. The ghost can turn invisible for however long they like, go through walls, do slime and make crewmates on they're side and capture crewmates and eat them later

  • 8:40 That laugh dude

  • do the star wars mod pls

  • Sometimes I wanna play with you

  • Oh no a pirate

  • Can we get a Batman role the abilities are grapple batarang bat mobile and and slice

  • and cam throw sponges also this is apart of the sponge bob mod idea

  • mabe a sponge bob mod where the killer can sqush a pinaple on some one and can squirt water to kill them or somthing like that

  • Argh my FOOT

  • Do a mod were you can see the bodies for all of the game

  • Moon imposter: Can instant eject a random person into the void every 50 seconds and the skill is called Vacuum , also they can place black holes making everyone blind and pulling them at a mild speed skill name Zero G with a 50 second cool down,also they can pull someone random or someone who was ejected as a temporary imposter for 1min and 20 seconds skill name Moon Control with a 100 second cool down

  • Mod idea: Rick and Morty

  • Next do a sweaty armpit

  • how about a venom mod SSundee

  • Pennywise among Us mod

  • Nico is dog water

  • Ghost of the game and the only game is Tiko the best way I could get a little better and then the start to play the

  • That was awesome

  • among us

  • Sundee can you play among us with me up date your among us join some 1 in than tell me the code but leave the game when they start

  • biffle inposter

  • Oh Yeah

  • Among us Swat team mod

  • yo ho ho and A BOTTLE OF FEEEEETT!!!!!!!!!! im ded

  • We may not be able to find bodies, because the impostor can make someone walk the plank; they walk off the lava pit and DIE to death -SSundee 1:59 - 2:05

  • Hi

  • Does anyone agree that they should make a gardener mod were the imposter(gardener) can place carnivorous plants around to eat the crewmates 😃🪴?

  • Do knight verses pirate mod

  • ssundee always gets the role on the second round

  • i cant see im litaraly deaf oh gosh ssundee is soooo funny

  • Oh my God its is ssundee I love u

  • Mr. Bluebeard I will press the like button

  • you mean sub and flecht

  • can you see the eye colour of sundae in 3:55

  • why did i say it because he says ar

  • henwy haves a pirate hat so that means he is the impostor correct ssundee

  • Do this mod again but on airship