Avaldati 1 apr 2021
We add GODZILLA ROLE to the IMPOSTOR in Among Us
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  • How about zeus

  • is red sus

  • Do the remote rome like pause forward and rewind pls

  • There is so much distruction

  • Made a mod GODZILLA VS KONG

  • Giant mod

  • Cartoon cat

  • Crewemates: youtubers Impostors:yellow dollar

  • Princes mod the princess can tell us what to do throw crown,s and have guards

  • I saw Godzilla in the thumbnail and I was like "alright then"

  • Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • How bout clone mod with acid mod

  • And that’s my spider role

  • Speed crawl

  • Third eat them

  • One power is spiting web and capturing the crew

  • A spider

  • The rocket task when your color is red the tablet is red

  • A mod that turns you into a giant who can start a lightning storm ⛈


  • ill soon start my own youtube channel ok

  • and pacific rim

  • voltron role

  • ninja mod

  • It’s called a atomic breath

  • how about preston mod?

  • Wait a minute

  • Wait

  • You should make a garbage bag you can make bombs you put some garbage on the ground it makes a hole. You can put a garbage bag on the ground it acts like the spit. you have a garbage bag you can throw people in it.

  • goku

  • Do a Spiderman mod please!

  • AHHHHHHH HELP!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱

  • 😑😑 I'm

  • Godzilla!!!HELP

  • the camera definitely didnt see ssundee change into godzilla

  • Impostor Mod Idea: Spiderman: Can shoot webs and cocoon people Can sling across the map Can use Spidey-sense and see where people are on the map Can shoot webs and blind people Second Impostor Mod Idea: The Hulk: Can grab people Can leap around the map (with a crew mate in hands) Can smash the ground and kill and stun people Like so Ssundee can see

  • It's Gorjia

  • Under the sea mod: The imposter can turn into a mermaid and make everyone go under the water by setting off reactor so they can’t breath and can trap crews in a water talnk! Like so Ssundee can see this!

  • Mod idea: hacker the hacker can clip through walls for 5 to 10 seconds and the hacker can mind control the crew and make them look like the imposter and blind the crew for 5 seconds. pls do my mod idea for among us pls I am subscribed:(

  • How about natasha the good fighter from avengers

  • do a dragon mod


  • 4:57

  • Slenderman mod

  • King Ghidorah King Ghidorah King Ghidorah

  • Do they not know that you can fry the others with the mouse if your fast enough?

  • Or not😈

  • Please

  • Admin

  • Percy Jackson with Kronos mod pls

  • Power rangers The

  • attack on titans mod

  • Yesterday,I’ve watch the movie Godzilla vs King Kong

  • Im in among us....

  • Ssunde

  • Do a unicorn maybe or a dog I'm just saying or a dragon🐕🦄🐉

  • he yell like a stupid...

  • error among us no

  • dang 71,000 likes

  • cadora

  • Iron golem mod

  • Thor

  • Abilities: siren song , flood like the shark , dive and attack like the shark

  • You Should try a sirene mermaid mod for among us

  • I have an idea the impasta can turn into Darth Vader!!😮

  • Him: 70000000000 likes in one day me: 52452640 views so we watched this today?

  • King Kong

  • can you do A mario one

  • It's called an atomic bom

  • You should make a Business man mod

  • New imposter role: The punisher: every time someone reports a body they die.

  • Rodan mod + flying +fire breth

  • I saw someone on cams as he turned into godzilla and nothing was saif

  • Hi

  • Long live the king

  • 4:56 love that sound and the face

  • Ssundee: It's a simple question. are you godzilla? Zud: No! *distant godzilla sounds* Zud: *_DOES THAT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION??_*

  • I LOVE godzilla


  • "I'll pick you up and put you down" The OG's will understand.

  • How about a school mod?

  • Coop

  • make a love cerse mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mod idea: imposter role "mothra" the imposter mothra has the ability to flap her wings to decapitate the crewmate.Another ability is she has a stinger that she can shoot long range.

  • 🙂

  • A my hero academy mod

  • Can you make like a rainbow among us kill two and then and then and I can turn people in rainbow and then and then they can and they attack can be making them rainbow and giving him candy but the candy

  • Monster 0

  • Rocket ship imposter

  • The ✌️giant laser ✌️ is called Atomic breath/radiation breath

  • How do that godzilla transform and that

  • I love the animation

  • I wish you should do the ultimate laserbeam fortnight

  • How about godzila Vs king Kong in among us

  • Imposter Roan Roan summons a volcano Berths fire Can use his claws and throw crewmate into the mouth.

  • Why did Godzilla

  • naruto mod

  • it so cool dis mods uit among us

  • prsedient mode

  • make wise captin mode