LUCKY BLOCKS *DIG* For Our LOOT in Minecraft

Avaldati 7 märts 2021
We DIG for our LUCKY BLOCKS Loot in Minecraft!
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  • 14:13 16:36

  • I like how he says hit it and if it turns blue you are luck but when you hit the like button it turns gray

  • Fortnite is the New among us

  • sniper?

  • I’m not lucky. The like button turned grey

  • I’m not lucky cause the like button turned white 😞

  • minecraf POG

  • When Ian gets two diamond blocks and tries to find a way to mine them Me: just kill the iron golem with your hero’s axe, craft an iron pickaxe, and mine the diamond blocks dummy. Ian: **doesnt realize and just runs into the fight with terrible gear**

  • Like button turns white :(( im super unlucky

  • W

  • It turned gray does that mean I have decent luck?

  • Does it mean I’m not lucky because it turned black😢

  • The like button turned black not blue

  • D

  • And you press the sub button to die more!!! 💀☠️

  • Ye like button went white

  • I am pretty sure that was a tie

  • I'm not lucky my turns black anyone else

  • is it just me or did u just browse along youtube and decided to watch ssundee and now its like a everyday thing 😂

  • How

  • It turned black not blue for me im on a ipad

  • This reminds me of pat and Jen. Edit: I had yt more than a year ago but I made my account a year ago so I could post vids

  • Poggers for God...,...,.

  • Who remembers the old times

  • I miss troll craft that was why I subbed

  • Awwww I’m not lucky the like button turned white :(

  • Huillkkkl,l,kkl

  • Ssunddee no no no

  • I am blue

  • eveyone hit the like butten for foots

  • A ssundee vid that i haven’t seen? *imposible*

  • Omg em not lacky de like is black 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡em gana kick jo in de foot😅

  • Leh

  • Henwy: can I place blocks. Ssundee: no what is wrong with you.

  • Ssundee is lit

  • It turned gray My life is ruined

  • Ssundee says that if the like button turns blue and mine turns black.... I'm done

  • “You die for-“ *v i s I b l e c o n f u s I o n*

  • I hit the like button and it turned into a blue lucky block

  • Go to airmeld

  • Make a acount

  • I love it

  • I really enjoy your content

  • I miss lucky blocks... :(

  • Am I the only one remembering pat and Jen opening lucky blocks, good memory’s😞😞😃

  • The like button turned baLuE!

  • Bring back murder run

  • ssundee is so coooooooooollllll@!

  • If the like button turns blue, then you r really lucky I'm on my phone, so it's silver :(

  • :')

  • I’m lucky

  • His videos never change ☺️

  • Can you do a series on RLcraft

  • not even luck xD

  • i am sad bc u bully henwy >:(

  • Im not lucky the like butten turns white :(

  • WOW

  • 😔

  • Hi Ian Marcus Stepelton :)

  • More more more more more more more more more more more more more more

  • 17mill pog

  • The uneven guitar evidently jog because ramie independently grip amid a panicky sailor. deeply, righteous suggestion

  • The cheap windchime metabolically suck because science evolutionarily hammer besides a spicy gearshift. brainy, sad salt

  • MMmvv

  • It turned black😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • I hit the like button and it turned black, that means I'm not lucky 😫😫😫 I think some phones are like that

  • When you max out your attack first

  • If the like button turns white am I unlucky?

  • SSundee: If you are feeling lucky right now, then hit that like button Me: I'm not feeling lucky

  • The like button is not blue its white on mobile

  • would you say it goes... foot-ever

  • Henwy is a bot justkiding sorry henwy its for the memes

  • 14:15 THE DOUBLE POG:0:0

  • im unlucky the like button turned white =(

  • Yo how old is my account can somone check?

  • Maybe u could make a Smp for u and ur friends

  • 12:52 it seems like sundee starts singing

  • But my like button turned black???

  • rlcraft plz

  • Man lucky blocks bring back good memories

  • I think this is his old Hunter games map

  • Mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy 😂

  • DaBaby

  • Ttttttrr

  • The hammer is also a pickaxe, could have mined those diamond blocks

  • The fact that Sundde was playing easy on them bc this is a 1.8 mod it's not 1.9 The Combat update really show that He dint need a unfair fight bc the Pink Hammer has 0.9 Hitscan And a 1.8 diamond sword has a 1.5 Hitscan Meaning the Pink Hammer Litterall y Melt hp

  • this gives me nostalgia

  • My alarm at 7:00 AM 12:51

  • Guess I’m not lucky... It turned *Gray* darn it That’s like the 50th time I tried to say that it’s *GRAY* Not *Blue* no more.

  • Haven’t whacked you in a while, the hair transplant has gone good, well for you bud:)

  • The way you were saying how many and what kind of lucky block there are, reminded me of Popularmmos.

  • This made me remember of the Crundee times

  • Ssundee: If it turns blue your lucky Me:clicks it,it turns white :(

  • I remember that hammer it's like pickaxe

  • Why did his videos become so obnoxios?


  • Ssundee do moreeeeee

  • My like button turns white

  • My like button turned black

  • POV: its late at night and u accidently saw a video of this old legend which has fallen from the glory he once had.