IMPOSTER T-Rex Role in Among Us

Avaldati 10 märts 2021
We add a T-Rex Dinosaur Impostor Role in Among Us!
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  • But how do you get the mod

  • 💩💩🎃

  • 💩...l...... ....

  • Cartoon cat

  • Can you do a Human mod where the imposter Human can play with you eat you and punch you please

  • Can you do a ITCH SWEATER, the imposter can put the ITCH SWEATER on a crewmate and the crewmate will start to get itchy and then itdied because of the itchiness.

  • plz do velociraptor

  • How to make like button turn blue!?!?!

  • Death note mod*

  • Death notr mod

  • Ansome mod

  • ssundee will you upload fortnite??

  • But what if ur like button turns ⚫?

  • Please make a slender man mod 🥺🥺

  • Is no ko

  • No hbbhvbv

  • Fletcher

  • Weer

  • This is terrible

  • 13:59 me see that trex run Every body stay

  • 4:40 thay got Tyrannosaurus-stomped

  • Have a pet and when you ded you go to your pet

  • Cartoon mod -can make people slip and die on bananas -throws people into walls and leave a skin outline there all game -punch somebody and make them have a silly face on their body all game

  • Yo ssundee I knew it was Jerome at the beginning somehow just by how he was acting and not talking at the meeting it made me sus of him. Ps I am a good detective.

  • Ssundee for me I am on Samsung tablet and the like button turns black

  • ssundee do a jurasic world imposter role wer you can tern into eny dinosor

  • Hay

  • b l u e

  • Sorry helo

  • Among us its amazing

  • iam spencer

  • You could have killer 6 people at onrs

  • Do a disney princess mod🤣😂💀

  • 1:05 Talk about perfect timing

  • Hiiioote

  • Full flim flum

  • I luv your wheezing bruh :)

  • lurning about dinosaurs OMGVdjnndc SEES T REX

  • Cys mym💓💓💓💓

  • evil aphmau

  • enddragen from minceraft

  • 3:18 that’s kinda sus there bifle, eating flintstone vitamin gummies Egh

  • everyone there are youtuber i met nico but a friend of mines banned him wth i am so pissed

  • do bigfoot mod

  • The code is loafx lol

  • 1:12 On sight! 1:17 Man everyone was terrified

  • Two things I want to say 1:can you make a video hide and seek in airship,and 2 I'm such a fan I know you're real name is Ian Marcus

  • ...

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  • @0:28 everyone around me got silent and thought I was making a weird noise thanks ssunde

  • SSundee is sucks. He never check comments so I'll say this once again Shadow imposter role 1. Create shadows 2. Crewmates can't see when imposter create shadows 3. Imposter hide himself by turning into a shadow 4. Imposter can make any room turn into black

  • I saw rage elixer 😱

  • You are the Funniest youtuber

  • No do not

  • Hello

  • Yeah

  • İmposter is a alien alien can send people to space can turun İZTO a UFO and kill people with toung

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  • My like button turns white

  • In nicos vid u said that you have a t-Rex in your foot

  • Who is fleico

  • T rex vs Indominus rex

  • You should do a ice cream truck mod it can shoot ice cream and run over people

  • Please change your tactics

  • Foot

  • ian could have gotten a 5th kill streak

  • T. rex mod

  • There's a mod with you can unlock all the pets all the skins and everything is locked in Among Us

    • Do one with the new air ship map mabby. This one like it but a littel different

  • Pure X's are green not red

  • I love it when someone dies and they sreen XXXDXDD

  • Oh yea T. rex krabs

  • Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcbvnmz🍟🍕🫓🥪🥙🥗🫔🌯🌮🧆🥘🫕🥫🍝🍜🥟🍱🍣🍛🍲🦪🍤🍙🍚🍘🍡🍢🥮🥠🍥🍧🍨🍦🥧🧁🍬🍭🍮🎂🍰🍫🍿🍩🍪🌰🫖🍼🥛🍯🥜☕️🍵🧃🥤🧋🍷🥂🍻🍺🍶🥃🍸🍹🧉🍾🥣🍽🍴🥄🧊🥡🥢🧂

  • How do we play these

  • لا تبيين كلمات الأنجليزي على الشاشة لو سمحت

  • Make a captin America

  • speaking of t-rex maybe there's a Jurassic park mod

  • It so hard for me to get imposter in among us

  • is there a cartoon cat among us mod

  • Fishy mod

  • You should play war zone

  • do a minccino mod plz

  • henwy

  • grenne or red

  • Is anyone gonna tell him that the like button turns white

  • 1:04 perfectly timed

  • In the first rond it probably jerom

  • Make a dog mooddd

  • 5:31 when i finally get an a+ on a test

  • Somebody give me your best T-rex roar 5 sec later: A series of terrible rain forest, desert, Sahara, Monkeys, and dinosaur roars. Another 5 sec later: I REGRET I ASKED (5:50)

  • If you don’t have this EEclone are subscribe on the water into a little ball

  • Plz do killer clown

  • please do a elaen mod

  • New impostor role idea: Rickroller Sabotage: All sabotaging is normal besides communications. When the Rickroller sabotages communications, instead of the crewmates seeing tasks, they see lyrics to Rick Astley songs. Killing: The killing remains the same as how a normal impostor should be. Rickroll: You can select any task and if any crewmates try to do that task for the first time, Rick Astley appears on their screen and he shouts his songs in their faces and the volume of which he 'sings' propels you into the air and launches you to a random location on the map. Transformation: Transform into Mega Rickroller and equip a custom face mask with Rick Astley on it which disguises your identity and your character's skin colour turns into Rick Astley's skin colour. Also, there's a brown leather jacket that covers the character's body. Dance: While in Mega Rickroller mode, dance like Rick Astley and trample people causing them to die. Sonic Boom: While in Mega Rickroller mode, earrape all crewmates by screaming "Never Gonna Give You Up" and the soundwaves travel faster than the speed of sound, causing Sonic booms. The Sonic booms and the volume combined stun the crewmates for 15 seconds. Like so Ssundee can see _Also, if you hit the like button, it will be_ *FiLlEd* ⬇️

  • lol the last game he squashed everyone right away lol so funny

  • I had a mode it’s the knife mode Role: you had a knife and you can kill but there are abilities they can throw knife and they can do a sleight *[ I hope you like the mode SSundee]*

  • Do like like the walking dead like ones a super zombie and there’s a sherif and the rest of them are survivors

  • T0T

  • You should do hand and slap swat and pick up

  • I watched this while eating coaco puffs

  • Right when Ssundee said the dinosaur can eat someoneThe dinosaur ate someone